Google’s GoMo Launches To Help Businesses Go Mobile

As was previously leaked, Google is now launching its new GoMo service, which aims to help businesses easily create a mobile-friendly website. The website for the service was discovered earlier this week, but the details sat behind a password-protected front page. Today, Google is making GoMo available to the public.

On, business owners can enter in their current website’s URL to see what the site looks like on mobile. GoMo will then make suggestions and recommendations on how the site could be mobile-optimized. GoMo will also show examples of great mobile websites for inspiration and point to a list of mobile site developers who can help design a better experience.

Of course, Google itself provides this service through its recently updated Google Site Builder, which it is happy to link to. But credit to Google: it doesn’t make it the top link – that goes to Atmio, Inc. and DudaMobile, both of which sit above Google in the list. (Of course, that’s only because the list is in alphabetical order.)

The list of providers can also be filtered by service type (DIY, Full service), cost and timeframe to build.

GoMo is really more of a marketing effort and a push to get business owners to go mobile the latter which fits into Google’s overall goal of getting more websites on the (mobile) web so Google can expand its advertising reach.

Still, as a consumer struggling with the quite often non-mobile web on a tiny smartphone screen, it’s good to see something like this come about.