Outfit7’s Talking Friends Apps Cruise Past 200 Million Downloads

Regardless of how you may feel about their anthropomorphic cast of characters, Outfit7 just keeps picking up steam. Today the company has announced that their Talking Friends series of apps have just bounded over the 200 million download mark.

What’s more impressive is how quickly Outfit7 managed to hit this new milestone — while it took 9 months for the company to break 100 million downloads, the next 100 million came after only 5.

Outfit7 owes much of their growth to the rapid expansion of their Talking Friends cast — since Talking Tom Cat was released in June 2010, the company has added ten new characters (and a few spinoffs) to the lineup. That the franchise has gained footholds on both the iOS and Android has certainly helped, but the company seems hesistant to expand into other mobile platforms. According to their official Facebook account for example, Outfit7 won’t be releasing Windows Phone versions of their apps anytime soon.

Last time we heard from the folks at Outfit7, they had just installed a new executive chairman and announced that their apps sport 60 million active users per month. Today’s announcement signals an uptick in momentum for the company, but they’re still looking at an uphill battle when it comes to competing with Rovio’s multimedia giant Angry Birds. Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka just recently made an appearance at out Disrupt Beijing conference, and casually mentioned that the Angry Birds series is approaching half a billion downloads worldwide after less than two years on the market.