Outfit7 Brings On New Chairman For Big Multimedia Push

Outfit7, the purveyors of the Talking Friends apps, have announced a staff shakeup they hope will help them bring their characters to even bigger screens.

To further their goals of becoming the next Angry Birds-esque media giant, Outfit7 has installed Narry Singh as the company’s new executive chairman.

The company’s new chairman seems bullish on the Talking Friends’ multimedia potential: he believes that “Outfit7 is uniquely positioned at the intersection of explosive growth in the mobile, media and entertainment markets.”

Singh, who was previously chairman of the Intellidex Group, also feels that the team has “just started to tap the true potential of our Talking Friends franchise.” It’s a fair assessment — the Outfit7 team has picked up quite a bit of momentum in recent months.

They announced that their apps crossed the 100 million download mark this past April, and inked a deal with William Morris Entertainment over the summer. More recently, Outfit7 revealed that their apps have nearly 60 million monthly active users — not quite as many as the avian franchise they hope to depose, but impressive nonetheless.

They’ll need that all that momentum and then some: these days it seems like every promising app developer wants to take a swipe at Angry Birds. It’ll be a long road indeed for Outfit7, and here’s hoping Singh and the team are up to the task.