Kinect SDK Launches In Early 2012 (We Peer At Past Hacks)

Fresh on the heels of its envisioned future video, Microsoft has posted an inspiring portrayal of the Kinect to YouTube. The video outlines the somewhat unexpected uses of Kinect in its one-year history, including educational and medical applications, which is likely meant to boost awareness ahead of the commercial launch of the Kinect SDK.

Developers have been hacking Kinect and creating new uses and applications for the platform since just days after its initial launch, but this marks the first time that companies will be able to profit off of their Kinect creations. According to CNET, the Kinect SDK will be available in early 2012 to anyone ready and willing.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we thought it’d be worth a look back at what developers have managed to do with Kinect. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this view into the past as much as we did.

Become The Star Wars Kid

Meet A Flying Kinect Quadricopter

Kinect-Controlled Humanoid Robot

Kinect-Style Tetris

Home Automation A La Kinect

Head-Mounted Kinect = Artificial Vision

Microsoft’s Kinect-Powered Recliner

Sign Language Translation Courtesy of Kinect