Facebook App, 3D, HTML5, And Cocoa Jobs On The Rise is poised to release a report later today with a list of the 50 fastest-growing outsourcing jobs for the third quarter of 2011, based on 114,455 jobs that were posted on the site during that time.

We got an early peek at the report, which suggests content and AdSense-related jobs are on the rise again after a drop last quarter, following Google’s Panda update. Categories like ‘ghostwriting’ (up 22 percent), ‘blogs’ (up 17 percent) and ‘reviews’ (up 16 percent) showcase that trend.

Product Description and Adsense projects increased by 43 percent and 76 percent, respectively.

Other interesting findings from the report:

– Facebook and Social networking projects were up 32 percent and 36 percent, respectively
– HTML5 projects are up (again) an impressive 38 percent, with Flash jobs declining 10 percent
– After posting 20 percent growth last quarter, Android grew just 8 percent this quarter
– iPhone projects grew only 3 percent; Blackberry and Symbian jobs were both down by 6 percent
– Jobs related to Apple products are in vogue, with Cocoa jobs up 55 percent and Objective C up 23 percent. Meanwhile, Java jobs fell 13 percent, while PHP-related jobs were up 3.3 percent.
– 3D jobs increased 64 percent, the second largest gain in the top 50