Spots Massive Increases In Demand For HTML5, Geolocation Jobs

Online marketplace for outsourcing, formerly known as GetAFreelancer, this morning announced their findings on the fastest growing online outsourcing jobs in Q2 with the release of the Freelancer 50. now caters to a user base of 1.6 million small and medium-sized businesses (up from 1 million in October 2009) and says it has outsourced more than 725,000 projects to date. Looking at the projects and comparing jobs posted on its website in the first quarter 2010 to those posted in Q2, the company has drawn a number of conclusions about what’s hot in the online job market.

Surprise, surprise: all jobs related to geolocation, cloud services, HTML5 and mobile application and website development are gaining ground quickly.

Geolocation, no doubt driven by the buzz surrounding and early successes booked by companies such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and of course Twitter, grabbed the number one spot this quarter. spotted a whopping 909% increase in geolocation jobs online. As a result of what the company dubs the ‘Apple effect’, also saw a significant 721% boost in HTML5 jobs.

Amazon Web Services came in as the number three fastest mover in Q2, denoting the continued popularity of cloud computing. Up 446% from the previous quarter, anything related to hosting services over the Internet has seen an impressive increase (also note related jobs took the number 5 spot).

Also reflected in the data provided by the global appetite for mobile apps. Mobile phone jobs rose steadily, up 282% from Q1 2010, and jobs related to portable devices like the iPad and Amazon Kindle are also two of the top 10 fastest growing online outsourcing jobs.

Perhaps the most surprising entrant in said top 10 list is … Google Buzz, with an increase of 126% compared to Q1 2010. Where are those coming from?

Anyway, here are the top 20 fastest growing online outsourcing jobs, according to Freelancer (you can find the top 50 here):