iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sold Out At Sprint, Verizon, And AT&T

Heart set on that brand spankin’ new iPhone 4S? Sorry, but I come bearing bad news. Your window for placing a hassle-free pre-order may have just closed, hard. AT&T has extended its shipping time to 3-4 weeks, while Sprint and Verizon are fresh out of the 16GB model. In other words, it looks like you may be bundling up for a wait in line.

According to Bloomberg, it’ll be a 3-4 week wait before your iPhone 4S ships when you order from the blue carrier, and a 1-2 week wait from Apple. Verizon says its shipping date is slated for October 28.

If you’re headed out to an Apple store, might as well get yourself packed up now, ask off work, and head over early. With over 1 million pre-orders recorded in one day, you can bet tomorrow will be a long day.