Fujifilm’s X-Series EVIL Camera To Be “Premium,” Not Micro Four Thirds

Fujifilm’s X100 captivated the photography world during its hype period, and though it wasn’t the ultimate camera some expected (I loved the device but took issue with its controls), it represents an interesting new brand strategy for the company. But they’re still figuring it out. The cheaper but still cool X10 is the logical mid-range version, though the X-S1 superzoom appears to have nothing in common with the brand but the letter X.

Some news broke earlier this week, though, that seems more in line with the X series vision. There were almost no details, so we didn’t write it up at the time, but a bit more info from the company’s Fuji Guys Twitter account makes things a little clearer for their new interchangeable-lens system.


We heard they were doing an EVIL or at least interchangeable-lens camera, but now we know that it’s going to be “premium,” presumably like the retro/metal X100 and X10. That also means it will carry a premium price. The glass was an expensive part of the X100, though, and that won’t factor into the body cost of the new system. I would speculate that body-only this thing is going to go for a thousand bucks.

They also say that it won’t be micro four thirds. That’s a technical decision, but also a branding one — the micro four-thirds sensor size is a popular compromise and no one would have blamed Fuji if they went for it. But it sounds like they’re going for a larger sensor, perhaps the APS-C one found in the X100 — or more likely, an updated version that will launch with that camera’s successor.

As for availability?


We’ll hear more two months from now at CES. Yes, it’s almost that time of year. We got a nice hands-on with the X100 last year well ahead of its release, so we’ll see what we can do to cajole Fujifilm into doing the same this time around.

[via Photo Rumors and PetaPixel]