Microsoft’s Hotmail Android App Goes Live

Microsoft’s newly announced Hotmail for Android application is available now in the Android Market. The app, which aims to serve the world’s largest webmail platform, offers a handful of standard features including push email, synced calendar and contacts, support for multiple accounts and more.

There’s nothing too remarkable about the app itself, which also lists par-for-the-course abilities like the ability to send attachments (No? In an email app?!), the ability to send pictures, and access to folders and subfolders.

More interesting, perhaps, is the related news that Hotmail will finally become available as a selectable account option in the “Mail” settings area on iOS 5 (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Currently, Microsoft’s only presence here is the “Microsoft Exchange” option. While it is possible to set up access to Hotmail using that option, it’s not as straightforward, and, for obvious reasons, many consumers probably don’t even realize that their iPhone supports Hotmail.