Best Buy To Cut The HTC Flyer Tablet To $299 On October 1st

Watch out for falling tablet prices! No, seriously, don’t get burned by price cuts. The HTC Flyer is the latest tablet to see a major price reduction. Starting tomorrow, October 1st, Best Buy will lower the price of the 7-inch Android 2.3 tablet from $499 to $299. This follows the PlayBook, Xoom, and most notable, the TouchPad.

The Flyer is nearing its 6 month birthday and hasn’t fared very well in the marketplace. This is mainly because it attempted to compete directly with the iPad while offering a smaller screen and dated OS. However, had it launched at $299, the Flyer might have won over more fans because it is a capable tablet with several fun tricks including an active digitizer stylus.

Best Buy announced today that the price cut will go into effect on October 1st and apply to purchases made from Best Buy stores and the website.

Hopefully these price cuts show that manufacturers are finally waking up. Consumers are seemingly only interested in the iPad at the $500 price point. If other tabs are to be sold, they have to be priced low enough to compensate for their shortcomings and smaller feature set. The TouchPad was a massive hit at $99, but that price is not sustainable. Amazon got the Fire’s price right and the HTC Flyer might even make more friends at $299.