Video: Anonymous Calls On Protestors To “Occupy The Planet”

It wouldn’t be utterly shocking to find that you are unaware of the Occupy Wall Street protests currently underway in downtown Manhattan. The mainstream media coverage of it has been shockingly minimal, but it’s real, it’s happening, and apparently it’s spreading. And who, you might ask, has been the mouthpiece for this uprising? None other than the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous, who plans to expand the protest to the far reaches of the globe (or so says their new video).

Early last week, the group declared September 24 a “Day of Vengeance,” wherein protesters would unite in their stance, followed by a “series of cyber attacks.” Well, September 24 came around and it looked as though the police were practicing more vengeance than the protesters, as a march toward Union Square ended in over 80 arrests, and some female protesters getting maced in the face for no apparent reason (slow-motion video). Anonymous really didn’t like that.

Today, the Anonpress has posted a video to YouTube, reports the Inquirer, calling for protesters to “Occupy The Planet” in the usual robotic voice over a score of redundant music. Their one demand is that “we do not forgive, we do not forget, we are silent no more,” which is really more of a mission statement than a demand, but you can get the jist from the video. It’s tough to tell, given the computer-generated voice of the speaker, but it seems as though this latest video is meant to inspire more activism on the West Coast, and in other nations.

This is now bigger than you or me. It is about us, a collective 99 percent, that will no longer stand for the corruption, greed, and inequality that is rampant within our governing bodies. Spread this message like the plague. On this memorable occasion, we will carry forth our own passive resistance against the machine which keeps us down.

Anonymous has pulled off some pretty impressive hacks in the past, but a global takeover does seem a bit overreaching. At least our masked hacktivists dream big, right?

Video below.