Huawei Taps Discovery Channel To Build Discovery Expedition Rugged Handset

Huawei has a history of partnering up with brands to build highly targeted phones, a good example being the Red Bull-branded RBM HD rugged phone (otherwise known as the Impulse for AT&T). This time, the company is taking the less caffeine-fueled route, opting for some added credibility with its next rugged handset: the Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone.

Built in conjunction with the Discovery Channel’s lifestyle brand, the Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone is built for the woodsman, indeed. It can stand up against water, dust, and electrical shock, and comes with all the goodies you need to navigate in the wild. A compass, torch, GPS, and a G-sensor are all included. Of course, just because you’re becoming one with mother nature doesn’t mean you don’t want to tweet about it, which is why Facebook and Twitter are also pre-loaded.

We were thinking we’d see a camera, even a low-end one, on this handset as its owners are meant to be surrounded by nature’s beauty. But perhaps the lack of camera will be reflected in a low price.

Huawei says the Discovery Expedition phone will be available during the fourth quarter of this year, though specific carriers, retailers and pricing was not included.