PayPal Now Processing $315 Million In Payments Per Day

Wow. PayPal released some new public numbers recently that show the payments platform is processing a massive number of payments per day. PayPal says that it saw $3,650 in Total Payment Volume every second in Q2 2011. By our calculations, that means PayPal is processing around $315.3 million in payments per day. On average, the payments platform is seeing upwards of over 5 million transactions a day.

PayPal has unequivocally been the crown jewel in parent eBay’s family of businesses. This past quarter, PayPal delivered its first-ever billion dollar revenue quarter. Total net total payment volume (TPV) grew 34% compared to the same period of last year. And PayPal is actually closing in on eBay’s marketplaces segment in terms of revenue (which posted $1.6 billion in revenue in Q2).

Another area where PayPal is growing fast is mobile. The company said earlier this year that is seeing $10 million in mobile transactions per day, and expects more than $3 billion in mobile TPV this year, compared to $750 million in 2010.

To put the $315 million number in perspective, fast growing startup Square (which of course offers an in-store payments product) is seeing $4 million in payments per day. PayPal wants to also tackle in-store payments as well and will be debuting several retail partnerships for this technology this year. And Facebook is generating a fair amount of volume for PayPal as well. It should be interesting to see what eBay and Facebook have up their sleeves in a few weeks.

PayPal’s Total Payment Volume in 2010 represented nearly 18 percent of global e-commerce. With the way that the payments platform is growing, this number should increase in 2011.