PayPal To Unveil New Payments Platform For Merchants, Will Include Location-Based Offers And More

PayPal held an event today in Los Angeles for merchants to get a early look into the eBay owned payments giant’s new technologies. As CEO Scott Thompson says in a blog post, PayPal is re-imagining money and making it work better for merchants and consumers – whatever device you’re on, wherever you are in the world, and however you prefer to pay (whether that’s cash, credit, or installments).

The company says it will be rolling out a one-stop shop for merchants, both online and local businesses, to manage payments from customers. Details are sparse but PayPal says that new features will include location-based offers, making payments accessible from any device and offering more payments flexibility to customers after they’ve checked out.

So in the video included in this post, you can see that PayPal will allow local businesses to accept PayPal payments from customers via their mobile device using scanning technology, and QR codes. eBay CEO John Donahoe referred to an in-store PayPal experience earlier this year. You’ll also be able to use PayPal in physical payments gateways at stores as well (where you would normally complete the credit card swiping process).

And users will be able to access realtime store inventory, receive in-store offers, and real-time location-base advertising from stores.

Sam Shrauger, VP of Global Product and Experience for PayPal, tells us that this new platform is not just about payments. These services will allows merchants and consumers to better connect, from the search process to the post-purchase time period.

He explains that nation and international merchants are already integrated this platform, and 20 merchants will be live with this by next year.