A New Product Discovery Site Emerges, With A Killer Domain And $1M In Funding: Get.com

Finding the product that best fits your specific needs isn’t always an easy feat, not even on the Web. Get.com recently launched as a product discovery service, aiming to make life for potential buyers easier by crowd-sourcing product recommendations from members of its online community. Initially, Get.com will center around Q&A (The Next Web calls it a Quora twist).

From an earlier press release:

When we shop online, we often spend hours searching and reading review after review on Amazon, trying to figure out which is the best product for our requirements. Get.com’s platform will reduce the guesswork for millions of people.

Get.com allows you to post a product question with requirements, such as “What is the best electric toothbrush for sensitive gums under $100?,” and receive a crowd-sourced answer based on the community’s product suggestions and votes.

Competitors include Bestcovery, FindTheBest.com and the recently launched Top10.

Get.com was created by former Stickam execs Jake Gold and Steven Fruchter. The startup, which is based in Santa Monica, CA, has raised $1 million in seed funding from unnamed angel investors.

The fledgling company says it will start raising its Series A in the next few months.