With 4B SMS Tweets Processed Monthly, Twitter Now Lets Users Share Photos Via Text

Those of us who live in a world overpopulated with smart phones often forget that feature phones currently dominate the global cell phone market. In a nod towards its users that aren’t on iPhones or Androids or any other phone that basically functions as a mini computer, Twitter is now allowing its users to send photos va text message.

Users who wish to send a photo to Twitter via MMS can just upload a photo into a text message like they would do on a phone and send to Twitter like they would send a normal text tweet — to 404-04 in the US, for example. Unfortunately the feature does not yet work for DMs (and considering some users propensity for DM fail, maybe that’s a good thing).

The MMS upload feature is now available in the US on AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Cellular South, in the UK on Vodafone, O2 and Orange, in Italy on Vodafone, in Canada on Rogers Communications, in Bahrain on VIVA and in Brazil on TIM Brazil.

Twitter reminds us in a blog post that over 4 billion SMS tweets are sent and received each month (now that figure will presumably include MMS) and that SMS/MMS tweeting is available in 80 countries and nine languages. It also reveals that it is continuing to add features that improve the SMS/MMS Twitter experience like Fast Follow (which allows you to receive SMS messages without a Twitter account), SMS/MMS commands and further carrier coverage.

This is small news in a week filled with Facebook’s and Google’s grandstanding sure, but it’s probably much appreciated by the millions of users with now improved functionality.