Qraft: The Airbnb For Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (And By Trains, I Mean Boats.)

When you’re just a wee babe, the idea of a new toy is the most exciting thing ever. Then you grow up, and “toys” become ridiculously expensive. You want a Chevy Corvette C6 Z06? That’ll be $70,000, please. You’re interested in picking up a 2011 Roehr 1250sc motorcycle? $40,000.

Though I’m sure plenty of our utterly successful readers have no problem throwing out cash like that, the vast majority of us just can’t cough it up. That’s where Qraft comes in — think of it as the Airbnb for grown-up toys. You can spend a day with that Z06 for $950. And the 2011 Roehr 1250sc? $600/day.

Past motorcycles and cars, Qraft also offers up a way for people to rent boats, helicopters, planes, RVs and other random gear (like a super expensive camping backpack) from their peers. So if you have a super cool boat that isn’t getting much use, or your RV will be sitting in the garage all season, you can just post it up on Qraft and make a little cash.

Qraft lets you rent by day, week, and month, and each user chooses their own price. Search begins by establishing location, but it looks like Qraft hasn’t quite expanded to all corners of the States. New York isn’t supported, for example, while San Fran is. The service is free to join.

The service offers insurance on the items you rent so if someone decides to roll your car into a ditch, it won’t cost you very much. Qraft also offers a feedback system for renters and owners and they also have a system for confirming driver’s license information through scans. They’re trying to avoid the tough lessons learned by Airbnb in its own debacle. Obviously these guys aren’t dealing with real estate so there’s little chance of meth-making in the bathtub but I would be totally pissed if someone flipped my Tesla (assuming I had a Tesla.)