Who Said Hackers Don’t Have Style?

Hackers aren’t necessarily known for their sense of fashion. Usually, it’s all about the code. They might as well be wearing jumpsuits — or their birthday suits, for that matter. But here at the Disrupt Hackathon, some of our hackers are trying to prove the world wrong. There is some sartorial splendor afoot, and it’s coming in the form of headwear.

That’s right. Hats.

Just like these coding wizards at Hackathon, these hats come in many shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Whether they’re actually fashionable is something we can’t actually report on. We’ll leave that for the general public. But one thing is certain: hackers heart hats. A lot.

Below, without further ado, them hats:

The Beanie

[gallery include="419261,419262,419263,419264"]

Karriem Khan, Nicole Yang, Siamak “Ash” Ashrafi, Devin Foley

The Ball Cap

[gallery include="419265,419266,419267,419268,419269,419270"]

Brigham Hausman, Kevin Jhangiani, Raimundo Martinez, Timothy Wu, Omid Ahourai, Tom Puskarich

The Golf Cap

[gallery include="419276,419277,419278"]

Justin Mahon, Brett Barrows, Phil Wee

The Hair

[gallery include="419279,419280"]

Raises Nebie, Christopher Vong

The Inexeplicable

[gallery include="419281,419486,419528"]

Nick Pannuto, Vy Chau, Mikita Mikado

Honorable Mention, The Soviet Wonder

Danil Kozyatnikov