Zoom! Enhance! iPhone 5 (Or A Sail Boat) Supposedly Spotted In A Reflection

Some people see Elvis in a potato chip. Some see the Virgin Mary in water stains.

Others, meanwhile, see the iPhone 5 hiding in the reflection of a plate.

So, you remember that sushi photo from earlier this morning? The one that was maybe-but-probably-not-but-seriously-MAYBE taken with an iPhone 5?

We were perfectly content with taking a quick glance at the photo, weighing the possibilities, and moving on. Maybe it was taken with an iPhone 5 — maybe not. Hell, maybe it wasn’t even taken with an iPhone at all — EXIF data is about as trustworthy as a dam made of paper towels. Only one thing was really certain: man, that was one unappetizing plate of sushi.

The Internet, though.. the Internet is hardcore. Next time you go and scoff at CSI for bustin’ out the ol’ “Zoom! Enhance!” trick to find the criminal in the reflection of a dog’s eye, remember this post.

One of the readers at ThisIsMyNext dropped the photo below into Photoshop, found a little reflection, and uncurved the plate to give a better view of what was going on above it.

In other words, sorcery.

Here’s the original:

And Heres the unwrapped photo:

Click for a bigger version.

I’ll be honest: I don’t see a thing. Sure, I see what appears to be a pair of hands formed into a gang sign or something — or, if I’m being a bit more logical, what’s likely someone’s hands held into the standard landscape photo-taking position. Between those digits, though, I can’t tell up from down. The rest of the Internet, meanwhile, seems to be acting like they’ve discovered the pot of gold at the end of a magically-undistorted rainbow.

I’ll leave you with this scene I’m reminded of from Mallrats: