The Mystery Of The 8MP iPhone 5 Sushi Picture

That rather bland looking meal right there could have been captured with an iPhone 5. That’s what the Internet says at least. The picture’s EXIF says it was taken with an iPhone 4, but the cropped image resolution of 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels) is larger than the iPhone 4’s sensor can capture. The original, unedited picture was just shy of 8MP, which is in line with the rumors concerning the iPhone 5. Plus, as if that evidence wasn’t enough, the image’s embedded data gives the GPS coordinates of 37.33216667,-122.03033333 — that’s 1 Infinite Loop, Apple’s HQ.

The evidence just keeps pilling on: the f-stop is slightly higher than that of the iPhone 4, the maker of the camera is labeled of Apple, and the image is marked with AppleMark, somewhat indicating that the image was imported to a OS X computer through Image Capture.

But images can be edited. EXIF info can be altered. A similar image popped up before the iPad 2’s launch claiming to be captured from the upcoming iPad 2. However, it turned out to be taken with an iPhone 4 and uploaded to Flickr through an app that changed the photo’s data. That could be happening here although the AppleMark seems to say a computer was used somewhere in the process.

Pocketnow fails to give the source of the image, but they did post the original image along with the story that it was shot by an Apple engineer during lunch who clearly enjoys the most boring avocado rolls.

Click here for the full image.

Update: Some Photoshop wizard has unwrapped the curvature of the plate (seriously) to find a reflection of… something?