The Life And Career Of Steve Jobs, In Crazy Taiwanese Animation Form

The arguably crazy (and inarguably crazy fast) animators at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation are at it again. After blasting out over-the-top animated summaries for everything from the Ceglia Vs. Facebook story to Antennagate, they’ve done what they do best with a tale that’s on just about all of our minds right now: the life and career of Steve Jobs.

But don’t worry: while it’s just as absurd as most of their animations tend to be, they keep things mostly respectful. The lowest it goes is when they’re showing the birth of the Mac, and things get a bit… literal. After that, it’s death-defiance and lightsaber-wielding all the way down.

Once you’re done with the video, be sure to rinse off the kitsch with this encomium written yesterday by own John Biggs.