The Ceglia Vs. Zuckerberg Story Gets Its Own Taiwanese Animation

After parsing through all the alleged Paul Ceglia and Mark Zuckerberg emails in the Ceglia vs. Zuckerberg amendment, all I can say is that I’m pretty excited for The Social Network 2. In the meantime we’ll all have to make due with this animation from Taiwan’s NMA News.

Partially traffic-baiting tech blogs and partially expressing creativity in what has to be hours of mind-numbing CGI work, the geniuses at NMA have this time chosen to portray Facebook as one battleship, convicted felon Paul Ceglia and his law firm DLA Piper as another trying to attack Facebook with canons and of course the recently deposed Winklevoss twins as rowers, whose dinky row boat is capsized by Facebook.

The infamous Ceglia woodchipper even makes an appearance!

Ceglia claims that Mark Zuckerberg signed over 50% of a project that eventually became Facebook in a contract he signed while working on another Ceglia site, While Facebook has called the contract and correspondence fake, the only people who have absolute 100% percent knowledge as to whether the emails are legit (portrayed as seagulls in this video, presumably because of the nautical theme) are Zuckerberg and Ceglia.

So if this is a The Social Network sequel, no one is quite sure how it ends, yet.