Disrupt SF Hackathon Registration Open! Plus Last Day for Early Bird Tickets

Registration is officially open for our fourth Hackathon, and we’d love to make it our biggest yet! We promise more pizza, more caffeine and more glory than ever. We had 700 registrants for the last event in New York — let’s top it! The format remains the same – a little less than 24 hours to create a hack on site and present a working demo to an audience of developers, press and industry insiders. Sign up now!

Celebrating Developers

GroupMe has proven that you can build a Weekend-hacked, Seed-funded, Series-A-ed, Acquired-by-Skype, all-in-about-a-year startup from a TC Hackathon. (Props to Jared and Steve for their monstrous hustle). But the goal of these increasingly awesome events isn’t just to build startups–we want to give developers a platform to shine. For every GroupMe there’s a Mr Stabbyphone; for every Wisedame there’s a Drunkerator; for every Docracy a Venture Crapital. It’s that mixture of utility and whimsy that keeps the Hackathons, and our industry for that matter, fresh. Much of the field is built behind the scenes by the hard work of talented developers and Hackathons are a the best way we’ve found to spotlight them.

The first Hackathons were organized by Daniel Raffel, Chad Dickerson and myself and we’ve had a blast doing it. This time around Jeff Bennett will be taking the helm. He’s a seasoned hand, having organized Hackdays past for Yahoo and even winning one or two along the way! It’s going to be a great event. While we aim to accommodate everyone, it’s best to register now to make sure you’re in!

Last Day for Early Bird Tickets!

For those of you that aren’t hackers, today is the LAST DAY to get the best priced tickets for Disrupt SF. Check out the list of all-star guests and speakers here, and the agenda here. Disrupt SF will have amazing after parties, and even better battles as startups fight for the ultimate Disrupt Cup and $50,000. You do not want to miss this. Get your early bird tickets now HERE.