Hackathon Winner Docracy Is A GitHub For Legal Documents

One of the winners at today’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon is Docracy, an open source site where users can share and sign legal documents, similar to what GitHub provides for code. The site is the brainchild of mobile app developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, who are the founders of app development startup Larva Labs.

Docracy is an online, opensource hub for quality legal documents like contracts, NDAs, wills, trusts and more. So startups or individuals can take their legal documents and compare them against these trusted, documents on Docracy and see what terms differ.

Hall and Watkinson were recently were signing an NDA with a client and wasn’t sure if there were any terms in the NDA that should be flagged, or that were out of the ordinary. But they found that the issue didn’t warrant spending money on a lawyer. Small business and individuals have to sign legal documents all the time but often don’t have the resources to hire a lawyer to review these documents.

It’s a great idea and certainly one that many bootstrapped startups, freelancers or individuals can use in a pinch. While Docracy’s site isn’t up yet, we’re told it will be publicly released this week.