CNN In Talks To Buy Zite iPad App?

Flipboard-esque magazine-style aggregation apps are all the rage right now. Obviously Flipboard has the space nailed, and Pulse is a nice alternative as well. But one aggregation app seems to have caught the attention of a big name news publication — Zite.

The same company that once had a mailbox full of cease-and-desist notices from beastly publications like the Washington Post and AP, may now be headed toward a big payout. According to Canadian news site Techvibes, Zite is in talks with CNN to sell the company for somewhere between $20 million and $25 million.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else we’ve heard about the deal, and both companies haven’t made a peep. If it goes through, it will certainly be a momentous occasion in the life of Zite. The company has dealt with a couple hiccups over the past few years: most notably the shift from Worio, a new CEO in Mark Johnson, and of course, a massive crackdown from unhappy news sites over Zite’s UI. A $25 million deal with CNN should make those bumps and bruises worth it.