Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

When I was growing up, one of my all-time favorite toys was my Nerf dart blaster. Every summer, the other neighborhood kids and I would take off on our bikes, blasters strapped to our backs, and have a full-on foam war. It’s been a solid decade since I’ve raised my not-so-dangerous weapon, but the other night something magical happened. I got to go to Nerf’s unveiling of its Vortex line of blasters, and realized that these things aren’t just for kids.

There are four new models in the Vortex line, and while they look pretty similar to older Nerf blasters, these sexy beasts have something totally new up their magazine sleeve: discs. Yep, little green discs fly out of these bad boys, and if you saw it happen, you totally wouldn’t believe that it doesn’t hurt to get hit.

Vortex Nitron:

This is the bad mamma-jamma of the Vortex family. It’s the first fully automatic, clip-fed disc blaster in the Vortex line. It’s removable clip can hold up to 20 discs at a time, and comes with an extra clip that attaches to the back of the gun for quick reloading. The Nitron shoots up to 50 feet, and is capable of rapid-fire shooting, although that really equals out to about a disc per second. Still impressive, but don’t get the idea that this is some sort of Nerf machine gun. It requires six C batteries which are not included, and will retail for $39.99.

Vortex Praxis:

The Praxis is designed for long-range shooting, and should come in handy for anyone training to be a sniper. It comes with a removable shoulder stock, just in case your arms are a bit too short. Unlike the Nitron, the Praxis requires a good pump before each shot, and comes with a clip that carries up to ten discs at a time. The Praxis will go for $24.99.

Vortex Vigilon:

The Vigilon is Nerf’s mid-sized blaster, and is just right for smaller kids. It holds up to five discs at a time, and comes with a rapid-reload built-in disc clip. When you press a little button on the sides the drop-down clip is released and with the discs, it’s really easy to just grab five at a time and shove them in there. Pop it back into place and you’re ready to go. The Vigilon will cost $15.99.

Vortex Proton:

Meet Nerf’s baby blaster: the Proton. This little devil shoots one disc at a time and comes with three discs. It’s super easy to reload, and is light enough for a little kid to run around with it all day without feeling weighed down. The Proton will go for the relatively low price of $9.99.

All four of the new Vortex models will be available in retail stores throughout the nation on September, 10, as well as Check out our hands-on gallery just past the break.