SteelSeries Sensei Mouse Is Familiar But Enhanced

I reviewed the SteelSeries Xai early last year, pronouncing it elegant and effective. I’d still recommend it today, except for the fact that a new and improved version has just been announced: the Sensei. The simple and comfortable design of the Xai is intact, but there’s a new metal surface (which has yet to prove itself; the old surface was great), customizable lighting, and some changes under the hood.

A new in-mouse processor (which they note is fast as 1994’s Pentiums) allows for increased sensitivity, collating and processing images from the laser sensor at up to 12,000 frames per second. Yes, it’s probably overkill, but so is a quad-core i7 when you’re checking email. The new engine should enhance the tracking accuracy, especially for high-CPI users like me, whose mouse rarely moves less than an inch in crossing 4000 pixels of display space.

The lighting has been updated, as well — you can now light up the scroll wheel, high/low sensitivity light, and logo with different colors. I suspect there will be many flag-related schemes being shared.

On the bottom you’ll find the same on-mouse sensitivity and profile manager from the last few mice. Again, overkill, but nice to have. The overall layout hasn’t changed, though I have to say I’m sad to see the classic, rough SteelSeries finish go.

We’ll be sure to put this one through its paces. You’ll be able to pick one up yourself in September for $90 or €90. Head over to SteelSeries for more info.