Founder Jay Adelson Brings His Hard-Earned Entrepreneurship Lessons To Revision 3

Silicon Valley survivor Jay Adelson has worn many hats in his two decades in the technology space: Equinix co-founder, Digg CEO, Simple Geo CEO and Revision 3 Co-Founder among others. His latest hat? Talk show host.

Yes, Jay will be starring twice a week in Ask Jay, a show on the network he co-founded, where he’ll attempt to answer all sorts of entrepreneurship related questions like “How much money do I raise for my new company?,””What happens once I have a business idea?” and “When do I quit my day job?.” The show is formatted in 4-5 minute episodes and draws on Adelson’s many failures and successes — ┬áhe bestows pearls of wisdom like “If you’re distracted [at a your current job], just quit, you’re being a douche.” Love.

Internet television network Revision 3 produces Adelson’s former colleague Kevin Rose’s Diggnation and Foundation shows as well as geek fare like Techzilla and cult favorites like Epic Meal Time, with a focus on primarily appealing to an 18-34 male demographic.

And succeeding. Aside from being profitable, Revision 3 co-founder David Prager tells me that the network is averaging north of 80 million monthly views across its 23 shows and is interested in bringing on more content that could do well online with Revision 3’s “Sponsored by” or “Brought to you by” model.

“We call ourselves a next generation media company,” says Prager “As business models solidify around our type of content, Revision 3 would be remiss not to start looking at what a media company would look like in 2020.”