HTML5 Game Seen Working on Apple TV

A hacker has managed to get an HTML5-based game working on the Apple TV (2G), after having first jailbroken the device and installed the Couch Surfer application. (Couch Surfer provides a Web browser for jailbroken Apple TVs.)

The game is a simple BlackJack card game, and frankly, it’s not much to look at. But the addition is notable as it demonstrates that the Apple TV is a functional platform for HTML5-based applications.

Of course, whether or not Apple wants to open up the Apple TV to support a wide range of HTML5 games and apps is another thing altogether. While HTML5 would provide an alternative to simple Flash-based games, it could also become a compelling alternative to Apple’s native App Store applications in time, too. (The AppleTV doesn’t currently run apps, but it’s been rumored that it will eventually.)

Here’s the video of the game in action:

via RedmondPie