Folding, Electric Vienna Bike Is Dorky But Practical

The US has yet to join the rest of the world in the large-scale deployment of powered bikes, and I doubt this particular item will change that, but it’s always worth noting when a nice, practical vehicle like this shows up. This one is called the Vienna Bike, and it’s designed by Valentin Vodev of Pixstudio, a design studio (naturally) based (naturally) in Vienna.

Its narrow (only 35cm wide) trike frame means extra stability for the load in the back while still providing bike-like handling. The platform in the back extends and there’s an interesting hexagonal pod that fits onto it for stowing groceries, helmets, or— trees, apparently.

There’s an electric motor that can propel it independently, or you can set it to pedal-assist. Pixstudio claims the bike will go up to 60km on a charge, though I presume that’s with no cargo and a Vienna-sized passenger willing to pedal a bit. And another source says 40-60 miles, which is obviously more — so maybe they’re not quite sure about that yet.

In addition to a range which, whether 30 or 60 miles, is suited for a day’s errand-running, it folds up for storage, as you can see at right. Like I said, practical, right? If it’s not too heavy, it could easily be taken up a flight or two of steps to an apartment. Say, my apartment.

The Vienna Bike seems to be an evolution of the studio’s “Biquattro” prototype, which has been upgraded, smoothed, and painted to produce the new version. It’s not available for purchase yet, being just today shown in “working prototype” form to the public at Bridgestone’s Eco-Rally event.

[via MocoLoco]