eBay, PayPal Reveal More Details On X.Commerce Platform For Developers, Partners With Kenshoo

Earlier this year, eBay and PayPal decided to merge their API and developer platform into a combined open platform business, X.commerce. At the time, eBay, which owns PayPal, wanted to developers one ecommerce solution that would offer a “complete approach” to online and offline business. Of course, since then eBay has acquired open source e-commerce storefront platform Magento as well as e-commerce giant GSI Commerce.

Together, eBay, PayPal, Magento and GSI will be the pillars of the X.commerce platform, which will be revealed at eBay’s X.commerce Innovate 2011 conference on October 12th and 13th. At last year’s Innovate conference, PayPal revealed its micropayments digital goods product. PayPal and eBay, have more than 200,000 developers building off the two platforms, plus the 450,000 Magento developers added via the acquisition.

PayPal’s Director of Communications Anuj Nayar explains that X.commerce will feature a “fabric” that stitches the platform together to create new experiences for retailers and their customers. eBay will be announcing a number of partnerships at the conference that will be a part of this fabric, but we know a few of these partners already. Earlier this year, eBay announced that X.commerce developers will be able to access deep analytics from Adobe’s Omniture platform.

And today, eBay is revealing a partnership with Sequoia-backed Kenshoo – the Sequoia backed digital marketing software company. Kenshoo will be supplying its online marketing software platform developers to help drive consumer awareness of their storefront, whether it’s mobile, online or in-store. For example, Kenshoo can extract the inventories of merchants, and help with SEO as well as create meaningful leads. Currently, Walmart, Target, Sears, Leows, Zappos, and Amazon use Kenshoo’s platform.

Nayar says that the Kenshoo and Adobe partnerships are just the “tip of the iceberg” for the X.commerce platform and that many more deals will be revealed in October.

We know eBay has major ambitions when it comes to dominating local and mobile commerce and engaging developers on its marketplace, PayPal and Magento platforms are part of this strategy. PayPal has been able to create a local following of developers, but the key for eBay’s expansion is to connect the dots on an open platform between PayPal and all of the company’s acquisitions.

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