Twentieth Century Fox Hooks Up Android With Digital Copies Of Its Blu-ray Titles

Android fans have long been left out when it comes to watching movies on-the-go. Yes, I know, Netflix hooked up a few Android devices back in May, and then Hulu entered the mix in late June. Even still, only a couple handsets were compatible with the apps while iOS devices not only got to stream from Netflix for the past year or so, but also have the option to download digital copies of movies they own through iTunes.

But as far as movie support goes, the tide seems to be turning for Android, and none other than Twentieth Century Fox has thrown its weight behind the OS with plans to offer movie downloads for Android.

The Financial Times reports that the first of these offerings will be X-Men: First Class. Those who purchase the Blu-ray package will be offered a digital copy of the movie which can be downloaded on the computer, and then side-loaded to any Android device. Fox already has this system in place with iOS and Windows devices, but given Android’s ridiculous growth, the movie maker likely didn’t want to leave out such a booming platform.

First to enjoy the offering will be the U.S., U.K., France and Germany “later this year,” according to the Financial Times. This should be a huge boost to Android, as Netflix’s selection of streaming titles isn’t all that glorious, and Hulu Plus tends to lean more on the side of the small screen than the silver screen.

[via Tech Radar]