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Android App Player For BlackBerry PlayBook Leaked Out In Beta Form

It’s time for TechCrunched, where we take some of the most popular stories running on TechCrunch and put them together for you in a quick video package. This week was a big one for Apple, with stellar earnings and new products. Google+ took the iTunes App sStore by storm. And Zillow had a big IPO. If something grabs your attention, make sure to click on the links below to get more information.

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The Key Subtle Notes From Apple’s Earnings Call 

Apple’s Tim Cook: The iPad Is Cannibalizing Some Mac Sales, But There Are “A Lot More Windows PCs To Cannibalize Than Macs”

The MacBook Is Dead. Long Live The (New) MacBook Air.

With OS X Lion, Apple Touches Upon The Next Decade Of The OS

Google+ iPhone App Pushes Out Speedy Update To Keeps Users From Spinning In Circles 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Call For The Reinvention Of The Toilet, Offers $42 Million In Potty Grants

AmEx Links Up Facebook With Coupon-less Deals, And Lets Merchants Go Social

Zillow Soars 200 Percent In First Trade With Over $1 Billion Valuation

Yahoo’s Q2: Revenue Down 5 Percent To $1.08B; Net Income Up 11 Percent

IBM Posts Q2 Revenue Of $26.7B With Net Income Up 8 Percent To $3.7B, Ups Outlook

eBay Beats The Street; Revenue Up 25 Percent To $2.8B; PayPal Posts First $1B Quarter

Microsoft Hits $17.37B In Revenue In Q4, $69.94B For The Year