Microsoft Announces The Explorer Touch Mouse

Microsoft today announced the latest in its series of touch-capable mice, the Explorer Touch Mouse. Its shape is reminiscent of Apple’s Magic Mouse, but with functionality similar to that of Microsoft’s own Arc mouse, with a touch strip front and center. Microsoft’s Explorer Touch Mouse will go for $49.95.

The Explorer Touch Mouse sports a touch strip that allows for vertical and horizontal scrolling, and has a little pocket on the underside of the mouse to store the snap-in nano transceiver when not hooked into the computer. The mouse touts a battery life of up to 18 months, and has five customizable buttons to keep things snappy. Most notably, the Explorer Touch Mouse comes loaded with BlueTrack technology, which means you can basically use this mouse on any surface you can find.

The Explorer Touch Mouse won’t find its way to brick-and-mortar stores until September, and by then we’ll have a hands-on review ready and waiting for you. The mouse will come in four color flavors: Black, Grey, and what Microsoft is calling Sangria Red and Rust Red.