Joy Factory’s Zip Touch-n-go Charging Station Has Cute Dimples And Three Tails

Here’s a weird, albeit kinda cool, little conductive charging pad. Created by the Joy Factory, the Zip Touch-n-go Multi-Charging station basically has three little “Zip tails” that connect to the charging port on your phone, camera, etc., while the other end magnetically attaches to the dimples on the charging pad.

The Zip Touch-n-go comes with two micro-USB zip tails and one mini-USB zip tail, and according to the company, they help reduce energy loss. The charging station also includes a 2100mA power adapter, allowing for up to three phones to charge at once.

We’re not quite sure where this charger is supposed to fit in the market. Most conductive charging pads are slower than you’re average wired charge, but provide a wireless and more decorative way to charge up your electronics. Adding mini-wires to the equation may not be the best way to steal a chunk of that market, unless the Zip Touch-n-go is predominantly faster than other conductive chargers (which it very well may be since the Zip tails connect directly to the device).

In the house, short wires like these won’t really make a difference as you could probably just pick the phone up off the charging station and talk with the Zip tail still connected to the handset. Unfortunately when you’re coming or going, you’ll still have to plug in and unplug to get your charge on.

Either way, this is sure way to stump your friends and could look pretty cool sitting on a night stand. Pre-orders for the Zip Touch-n-go Multi-Charging station have already begun, with an MSRP of $79.95. Extra Zip tail receivers are available to buy as well, although the Joy Factory did not provide individual Zip tail prices. The Zip Touch-n-go will be available through online and in-store resellers at the end of July.