Ticketmaster For BlackBerry Beta v2.0 Available Now For Beta Zone Members

If you’re a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone, you should be happy to hear that Ticketmaster has just released the Ticketmaster for BlackBerry app in beta version 2.0. This means you can select the event of your choosing straight from your phone, buy tickets, and be on your way, all from the comfort of that QWERTY keyboard.

The app has been revamped from the floor up and now sports a nice, clean looking UI. But the real goodies lie in the updated Search feature, which gives you a few different ways to find the right event. For one, you can do a basic search by artist, teams, or venues. GPS steps in and makes sure your search is filtered to present only events happening nearby, so you don’t get all excited about some Black Eyed Peas concert that’s happening 200 miles away. Searches can also be further filtered based on the date of the event. You can choose between “this weekend,” “the next 90 days,” or build your own custom date filter.

Another cool enhancement is Calendar integration. With Ticketmaster for BlackBerry Beta 2.0, users who have purchased tickets from their phone can now sync the date with their BlackBerry calendar to stay organized. Overall, this is a nice future addition to the BlackBerry App World, and we hope it makes its way out to the masses sooner rather than later.

[via BlackBerry Blog]