Leica Planning New Line Of EVIL Cameras For September Debut

Leica’s CEO, Alfred Schopf, has abruptly and rather casually announced a new line of compact cameras being planned for a Photokina debut. The new system will have “at least” an APS-C sensor and will “do things differently” from the rest of the EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras — serious competition like the NEX, PEN, and G series.

The unnamed camera would presumably be a non-rangefinder camera and would likely be placed above the X1 but below the M series in price and capabilities. Whether it would use existing Leica lenses or a new mount was not mentioned, but as Photokina is coming right up in September, we don’t have long to wait. Just kidding, we do, because it’s coming up in September of 2012.

[via DP Review]