Quick Hands-On With AT&T's 4G TouchPad

We may have already reviewed the TouchPad’s most elementary form, but last week we saw a leaked roadmap that has the 4G version coming out in August. AT&T had an event today where we got a quick hands-on, but other than a speed test and a little extra info, there’s not much to say.

Obviously an inside event (though relatively high up), packed with spectrum-hogging bloggers, isn’t the best place to test this sort of thing out, but it’s not like AT&T was going to let us go for a walk with their precious. We saw speeds of just 3 Mb/s down and 0.84 Mb/s up. I’d take those numbers with a grain of salt, and of course they’ll be different where you are (if 4G is even offered).

Let’s say you do have a sweet 30-meg connection, though. You’re going to burn through your data allowance pretty quickly. So the 4G TouchPad will come with an app to help monitor your data consumption and control wireless connectivity. Thoughtful! I would have guessed they’d let people go over by a few thousand dollars’ worth and then give out the app.