Giant VR Helmet Is Very 90s, Yet Way Cooler

You might remember trying on one of these big-ass VR helmets ten or fifteen years ago, maybe at a big arcade or some sort of tech show. They were pretty cool, but were mainly used for plain orientation of the head in the game; you had joysticks for controls and so on. This “Immersive Digital Entertainment” system from Crescent, shown at a recent VR trade show, takes things a bit further.

The helmet is a VR display, of course, but you move around in a motion-capture area, and the helmet, gun, and all the rest are rigged up to be tracked by computers in real time. It’s a bit like the way they animate games and movies like Avatar, but in real time.

There’s more information here if you can read Japanese, but you can get the gist from the video above. Pretty cool, though obviously still a bit janky (and impractical for home use).

[via Akihabara News]