Songkick hits 100,000 downloads of its iPhone app inside two weeks

So, one normally judges high growth in consumer apps by traction early on. Instagram, which is killing it lately, had 100,000 downloads in one week. Soundtracking has the same inside two weeks.

Adding to this roster is Songkick, which is telling us they’ve had 100,000 downloads of their new iPhone app – which lets you find gigs around you – in the first 2 weeks since we broke the launch of the app two weeks ago [iTunes link].

The growth is being driven by word of mouth amongst music fans, and is so far fluctuating between a 5 star and a 4.5 star rating on the app store. It probably didn’t hurt that Apple made it app of the week in the UK store. Songkick competes with LiveNation/Ticketmaster which has put a lot of resources into their app, but Songkick is able to aggregate gigs from them and a wide variety of providers.

Crucial to music fans is hearing about gigs first, and the app delivers on this with push notifications. The simple personalisation based on your iTunes library is also helping. Now for the Android version, I daresay.

Although the strongest growth has been in the US, one feature they’ve seen spike is the ability to browse listings in other cities e.g. when people are on vacation.

The only downside to the app it seams is its effect on people’s wallets:

Meanwhile, Songkick has a new hire in tow – Mike Harkey joins as US General Manager from Imageshack/Yfrog the popular mobile photo sharing service, where he was GM, and prior to that ran music at eBay.