Reportedly Sold For $2.6 Million. Who's The Buyer?

This was the topic du jour on some domain name industry blogs yesterday, but I haven’t seen much coverage beyond that. According to DN Journal, a contract for the sale of the domain name has been signed by both the seller (an individual named Scott Carter) and the buyer (undisclosed for the time being). We’re trying to confirm this with Carter.

You may remember that the domain was to be auctioned off on at DOMAINfest Barcelona with an opening bid of $5 million. The high reserve wasn’t met before the auction ended, but a bid for $2.5 million did come in at one point.

Now it appears a $2.6 million deal has been forged in the wake of DOMAINfest Barcelona, which DN Journal reports was co-brokered by’s John Mauriello and Marksmen’s Cyntia King on behalf of the latter’s new sales division at

And to think you could have bought it for $50,000 back in 1997.

Still according to DN Journal, the buyer is an unidentified individual or company based in the UK. The domain name industry blog points out Marksmen provides IP and trademark protection for businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Anyone care to venture a guess about the identity of the buyer?