No AMOLED Panels For The iPad 3, Unfortunately

There has been some speculation as of late that Apple might upgrade to AMOLED panels for the iPad 3, rumors that were effectively squashed by industry sources claiming that the current rate of AMOLED panel production won’t be able to meet iPad 3 demand, according to DigiTimes.

In other words, should Apple choose to go the AMOLED route, we’d be waiting much longer for the iPad 3 then we, or Apple, would like. Samsung, Apple’s display provider (and current patent battle opponent), just recently started production in its brand new 5.5G AMOLED factory, and two months ahead of schedule no less. Still, iPad 3 demand is bound to far out-weigh the production rate at Samsung’s new facility.

Even if we set aside capacity issues, AMOLED panels have yet to appear on a tablet. In fact, the only Samsung devices to sport AMOLED panels are its line of Galaxy S II smartphones. It would be very uncharacteristic of Apple to put unproven technology on one of its most sought-after products. Hopefully, AMOLED technology will have undergone a bit more testing by the time that Apple starts designing the fourth-gen iPad.