Cydle i30 Brings Live Television To The iPhone

I happen to be a huge fan of television on demand. Without cable, I guess I’d have to be. In fact, If I was better at keeping up with Foursquare check-ins, I’d probably be the Mayor of Netflix, and I’ve had Hulu bookmarked since its launch. But every so often, I get jealous of those who can watch “real” TV, with their commercial references and obscure made-for-television movies. But apparently, people like me won’t have to be jealous for long, as a new device has surfaced in FCC filings that gives users the ability to watch live broadcast digital television straight from the iPhone.

It’s called the Cydle i30, and it wraps around the back of the iPhone, sticking out past the bottom. The new device has an adjustable antenna to make sure you’ve got a strong signal, and then the antenna sends the video to the phone over Wi-Fi. Plus, for those of us who need every ounce of battery juice we can get, the Cydle i30 has its own integrated battery.

Obviously, you won’t want this thing strapped on to your phone all the time, but for live sporting events or breaking news, it’ll definitely come in handy. As of now, broadcast networks have live events on lock for the most part, with the exception of a few live feeds on YouTube Live.

[via Mobiledia]