OMG/JK: Chromebooks And Droided Out Lightbulbs

From Google I/O to Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, last week was a huge one for tech news.

In this episode of OMG/JK, my colleague MG Siegler and I do an in-depth look at what happened at Google’s annual developer conference, which saw the launch of Google Music Beta, Android’s @home project, and the first Chromebooks. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the Skype acquisition next time, there was just too much material to pack into one show.

And, yes, this episode is a bit retro — we shipped out the better cameras to New York in preparation for TC Disrupt next week, so we had to shoot this one in SD. But the sounds of our rich voices are as clear as ever, and we’ll be back in HD for the next episode!

Here are some posts relevant to this week’s episode:

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