Disney Research Shows Pico Projector-Based Games With MotionBeam Prototype

We’ve seen some cool applications of pico projectors in the last few years: the Game Gun comes to mind, and… that other game gun as well. Disney (who, I guess unsurprisingly, maintains a whole research organization) is interested in the possible games and interactive experiences these cool little devices make possible. They’ve put together some prototypes, as you can see in the video above.

The device, called MotionBeam, is a sort of tech sandwich: the projector is a Microvision ShowWX, which we praised for its size but found a bit dim (Disney is actually using the old version, not the +). Then there’s an iPod touch providing the processing and application platform. Lastly there’s a little assembly of sensors, including an IR camera that can detect certain objects and patterns for your game to interact with.

Obviously there are cool ideas flying around, but it’s all very preliminary still — and the devices themselves are expensive. But each generation of pico projector has brought the price down and the quality up, so it’s just a matter of time.

[via Pico Projector Info]