Google's Chrome Team Lends Their Support To The It Gets Better Project With A New Video

A few weeks ago, a video entered wide circulation in the tech press for two reasons: 1) it featured lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Apple employees talking about their difficulties growing up. And 2) it was very, very well made. But the truth is that the It Gets Better Project has been around since last September, when columnist and author Dan Savage kicked things off with his own YouTube video with his partner to talk about their experiences. The Apple video simply reinvigorated the project in our circles, helping to keep the message going.

And now Google is doing their part to continue the message as well. Yesterday the Chrome team uploaded a new, great It Gets Better video. Watch it above.

Google has actually participated in this project before. In October, several Google employees were featured in a video. This was immediately followed by President Obama creating a video as well. There are now thousands of these videos. Great, great stuff.