Now You Can Fabricate Your Own Strandbeest

3D printing service Shapeways is useful for everything from unprecedented puzzle construction to werewolf hunting. But this time they’ve really outdone themselves.

You might remember the Strandbeests, a set of sculptures/machines that “walk” under their own power due to clever design by their creator, Theo Jansen. The originals were large and hand-made from light wood so they could move easily — but Jansen collaborated with Shapeways to put together a version that they can just print.

It won’t go in wind, of course, but you can see how it moves when pulled by a string in this video. Simultaneously creepy and amazing. They call it Animaris Geneticus Parvus, and you can order one (fully formed! No assembly required!) for around a hundred bucks.

Isn’t it just shocking how cool of a world we live in?