Another Y Combinator Win: WuFoo Exits For $35 Million, After Raising Only $118,000

Online forms are not sexy, but every Website that wants to collect information or payments from visitors needs them. Today, SurveyMonkey acquired online form maker WuFoo to its growing bevy of tools for $35 million in cash and stock. I’ve confirmed the price with a source.

What’s really great about this story is that WuFoo is another Y Combinator win. The startup launched way back in 2006 with only $118,000 in angel money (Paul Bucheit, who is now a partner at Y Combinator, was one of the investors). The company never needed to raise money again. It added payment processing options a couple years later, and now more than $100 million in transactions have been processed through its forms.

SurveyMonkey should be able to ramp that up considerably. It will add WuFoo to other recent acquisitions ClickTools and Precision Polling. SurveyMonkey is on a buying spree after raising $100 million in debt last November. Expect more acquisitions to round out its offerings.