Courtesy Of Moo, AOL's Allows Users To Print Free Business Cards

Personal profile startup, which was acquired by AOL last December, is adding a new feature today—the ability to print business cards for free from personal profiles on the platform.

In case you aren’t familiar with, the site offers people free profile pages. On your dedicated profile pake, can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that have information about you. Users can also upload high-resolution photos to the site, making profiles look fairly sleek and professional with minimal effort.

Now, any use can register to print 50 free business cards (users will need to pay for shipping) from profile information, courtesy of Moo’s nifty printing business. Moo will add your profile, unique url and QR code to your cards. Users can also upload additional images; edit contact info and more.

Moo is also releasing an API that will allow other small businesses to tap into their printing capabilities. The API program has been under development for a while, but will officially be launched through today.