About.Me Has 400,000 Beta Testers, Opens Doors To All

In September About.me started letting people reserve names for its personal profile page. They guaranteed your name (I’m about.me/mike, for example) and started letting those people in slowly in batches.

Well, not so slowly I guess, since the company says 400,000 sites have now been created, and another 20,000 on the waiting list were let in overnight. And starting today anyone can go to the site and start using it immediately.

The site offers people free profile pages. You can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites that have information about you. But what makes About.me really pop are the high resolution images people upload to go with their profiles. Just click the icon of a person with a right arrow on the top left of my page to start scrolling randomly through profiles to see what I’m talking about.

About.me also provides data and analytics to users to show total profile views, links to your profile, etc. Additional analytics layers are being added to show your activity on various social networks as well, if you’ve authorized About.me to access those services.

The company has raised just $425,000 in angel funding to date.